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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Who is WAAG Powder Coating?
WAAG Powder Coating is a subsidiary of WAAG; makers of America's Finest Off-Road Gear. Our Powder Coating department has flurished to become what we are now, a leading provider of Quality Powder Coating Services. As a company loyal to our customers, we provide the best service and satisfaction.

What is Powder Coating?
Powder coating is a highly durable, decorative and long lasting finish applied to products of nearly every sort for the consumer and industry alike. It can come in virtually any color or finish, matte or smooth, is rust-free, scratch resistant and ecologically friendly

What Types of Coatings are Available?
We carry a wide selection of paints from the top quality companies such as DryLac, Dupont, and HB Fuller.

What are the benefits of Powder Coating?
It's better than paint. It's tough and lasts a long time. It is very scrach-resistant and very durable. Also, the result is a beautiful piece of art. With the assortment of colors available, and the different textures, the possibilities are endless for the perfect look.

How Long Will My Parts Be Ready?

Depends on what type of coating we apply to the parts. For Satin Black, our standard color, usually takes us about 1 day. Other custom colors, metallic coatings, and multi-cote processes could take within 4 to 5 days.


For more information or to setup an appointment with us please call us at 818-989-5008 or email Info@waagpowdercoating.com

Quick Turn Around
Usually 24 hours turn around time.

Highest Quality Powder
Quality is our highest priority; We use Performance Powder Coatings from the finest companies, which provides the highest quality possible.

Let our professional staff assist you with all your Sand Blasting and Powder Coating needs.

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