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WAAG Powder Coating

Sand Blasting, Welding,
& Metal Fabrication

Bring us your rusted stuff, we’ll make it look new.

WAAG Powder Coating is a leading provider of Powder Coating and Sand Blasting services for over 15 years. Conveniently located in the Van Nuys area near Los Angeles. Above all, our company is dedicated to Quality and Customer Satisfaction. We use the powder coatings from the finest manufacturers in the market, for example, DuPont, Tiger Drylac, and HB Fuller. Please call 818-989-5008 for more information about our services, or contact us at [email protected]

From Rusted to Like New

Our Services

Powder Coating

Powder coating is a type of coating that is applied as a free-flowing, dry powder. It is typically applied electrostatically and then cured under heat in our ovens.

Sand Blasting

Sand Blasting is used to smooth a rough surface, roughen a smooth surface, shape a surface, or remove surface contaminants. Sand blasting before powder coating is a common practice.

Powder Coat Masking

Masking is used to shield areas of a part during the powder coating process. High-temperature masking tape is required for this step.

Metal Fabrication

Custom metal structures can be created by cutting, bending, and assembling the necessary components. Powder coating can be applied to your finished product.

Mandrel Tube Bending

Mandrel bending is a method where a steel rod is inserted into the tubing as it is bent. This technique perfects the tube bend without wrinkling or breaking the tube at the bending point.


Welding is a fabrication process whereby two or more parts are fused together by means of heat, pressure or both forming a join as the parts cool. Old welds may be repaired and new welds can be created.


Who is WAAG Powder Coating?
WAAG Powder Coating is a subsidiary of WAAG. Our Powder Coating department has flourished to become what we are now, a leading provider of quality powder coating services. As a company loyal to our customers, we provide the best service and satisfaction.

What is Powder Coating?
Powder coating is a highly durable, decorative and long lasting finish applied to products of nearly every sort for the consumer and industry alike. It can come in virtually any color or finish, matte or smooth, scratch resistant, UV resistant,  and ecologically friendly.

What Types of Coatings are Available?
We carry a wide selection of paints from the top quality companies such as Tiger DryLac, Cardinal, PPG and others.

How Long Will My Parts Be Ready?
Depends on what type of coating we apply to the parts. For Satin Black, our standard color, completion time is approximately 4 days. Other custom colors, metallic coatings, and multi-coat processes could take 7 to 10 days.

We use the latest powder coating technologies and equipment to put a long lasting, durable finish on wheels, patio furniture, or anything thats metal.